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    The path to Strong Island Clothing Co becoming the brand it is today could not of been a more organic growth experience. With co-founders Tristan & Paul never intending to sell tees, let alone open a shop, the journey from the now recognisable ‘Branded’ logo was something neither of them expected.

    “I designed the ‘Branded’ anchor logo for the original Strong Island website back in 2010, which is a now well read and popular online cultural resource for Portsmouth & Southsea. The logo was well received and after a few months we printed a short run of 30 one colour tees, all individually wrapped with hand stamped labels. To our surprise we were getting more tees printed the following week after selling out straight away, and over the following 2 years we produced the design in various colours.” Tristan Savage // Creative Director

    By 2012 this single tee design had risen in popularity with our followers and friends so much so that we moved things forward and launched Strong Island Clothing Co as a legit brand with a launch party at our local pub The Little Johnny Russell’s, literally selling out of a (vintage) suitcase. Although we now had a small range of designs it was all still with a limited amount of product via our online shop, whilst we stored all the product in our houses or studio.


    Fast forward to the autumn of 2014 and the first SICCo bricks and mortar shop opened on Highland Road, Southsea. What started out then as a pretty small selection of premium products grew and grew with the shop expanding a number of times until, by pure chance, a property in a popular central location in Southsea became available. No.87 Marmion Road is now our new home, and we couldn’t be happier.


    Everything that flows through the brand is directly related back to our beginnings and our love for Portsmouth & Southsea and living on the coast. Every aspect of what we do is inspired by our surroundings, from amazing architecture and design all the way down to putting your feet in the sea.

    Over the years we have grown in size not only with our much larger product range which includes an increasingly popular women’s selection, we have also grown as a business since our simple beginnings. It has been a fantastic journey so far and above all we’ve been blown away with the continued support from everyone that makes all this possible. Our followers and customers.

    Tristan & Paul / SICCo Founders

    Pete Miles climbs a Solent buoy on our first ever photoshoot in 2011.